September 12th, 2016 by Vice

The past few months have been a rocky road here at Inera, from our design board to our developer, every member of our staff have been diligently working on trying to push out this alpha. So why has it been so delayed? This becomes a little more complex, mostly because players are unaware of the amount of work that goes into making developing files from a base. I will explain briefly to settle the nerves of players that have been so patiently waiting for this new server.

A majority of our time was spent on the design and development of the Censored-SCRIPTS sources, fine-tuning the world to perfectly match what we think is a balanced combination of classic game play and new-age preference. This involved porting thousands of scripts from our sources onto the sources of the bare epilogue pack. The good news is that all of this was completed a few months ago and now we are working on the alpha. Our developer has finished optimizing the world and putting his final touches on the alpha. All that’s left is for me to go through the world and make a new set of notes for our dev. I will be doing this on Tuesday Sept 13. Once my notes are processed, the alpha will be ready for launch. So it’s only a little longer until you can fully immerse yourselves in the world that is PlayInera. Thank you for your patience. And we look forward to meeting everyone.