October 5th, 2017 by Vice

We are wrapping up some loose ends here. Firstly, we would like to congratulate everyone on the Ultimate Promotion Event; it was quite successful. This event will be closed as of October 5th, 2017 as it has run its course. We are very proud of the community and the growth that we have experienced over the past few days. There were some issues with the vote reward and those have been fixed as of October 5th, 2017, please confirm it is working as intended. There are currently a lot of bug report to be processed. Please be patient as our administration attends to such bugs. We know everyone that has commuted a bug is nervous to have it fixed. Some bugs take priority over others. Ray and Synerge will get to them all eventually.

Remember, this weekend is Bloody Sunday. From October 7th-8th experience double blood stones drop rates! That’s right this weekend all monsters will drop 2x their blood stones. Make sure to tell your friends and clannies about this event. Do not miss an opportunity to really cash in!