July 1st, 2017 by Vice

Welcome Friends. A lot of newcomers have gained interest in our server and this is fantastic. We’re very happy to see that you guys have an overall positive approval rating of the project. But at last we should get down to some serious business. There has been very little backlash or negativity regarding the world that we’ve created. And we’re very thankful to all the testers that are taking the time to go through the features.

The PlayINERA staff have worked very hard to bring to you the absolute best server possible. But we need your support over the next few months to succeed as a community. As a team, we will be unveiling paid ads some time in the months of August and September. But advertising is not a one way street. We could greatly use your time and effort to expand our awareness to other players all over the world.

For starters, we can all begin by supporting our content creators. Clobberstomp and DaShrimpTaco work very hard to make quality content for our project and it is our duty as a community to pay our respects to their work and spread those videos around. Both are highly entertaining streamers and valuable to our team. Let’s all do our part, comment, subscribe, and like their content as it goes live on their channels.

We can also work together to keep a few of our posts active on miscellaneous forums. Two forums that players often visit are the following:



If you want to show your support, sign up for these forums, and represent our community boldly. Let others know that you’re happy with the staff, the content, the progress, and anything that you feel will promote this community. If you dislike something, feel free to share it with others as well. We will do our best to make certain that everyone has a fun experience on PlayINERA.